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Our services are designed to supply you with the best legal support that will work for you. You benefit from over a dozen years of experience and deep knowledge of the legal business. We provide legal services and legal outsourcing in order to offer solutions that are:

flexible – affordable – high quality

How can the flexible legal services help you in Covid-19 times?


best workplace

 Our colleagues can count on our flexibility and willingness to create the best working solutions for them. With the highest respect for their individual needs. Because we believe that you should not have to decide between your career and your personal life. You can have both. 



Our clients benefit from the most up-to-date digital services. We have created our own Apps and online platform to communicate with our clients and colleagues. We do not use marketing stuff. We minimize printing documents. We organize webinars and not conferences. We use a virtual workplace and take advantage of shared spaces and co-working centers. All this in order to minimize our impact on the natural environment.



Our cooperation with the civic organization notabene.sk which cares for and cares about homeless people in the Slovak Republic has brought to many the possibility to live in their own home and to integrate back into society. We do a lot of advocacy on behalf of the homeless and support various projects through our pro bono legal services.