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you are always a member of our team either working for us or sitting in-house at one of our clients. Your career will benefit from sharing experience and knowledge, among excellent lawyers, in their respective areas, who are ever ready to discuss legal issues. By providing support and consultations, we create a cooperative work environment. 


we offer equal job opportunities to lady lawyers and gentleman lawyers. to young lawyers and lawyers with 30+ years of experience. We not only offer flexible work to mothers who are lawyers but to fathers too. We guarantee equal salary for men and women. The salary system rests solely on the years of experience and timeframe of commitment.  


Our main target is to create a family friendly work environment and enable mothers to continue in their career while their parental commitment continues. thanks to our virtual office system we also enable lawyers with physical disabilities or chronic diseases to work for us. We are LGBT friendly. We provide the same advantages to all families. 


We guarantee a friendly work environment protected from any manifestation of intolerance. Safe in terms of health too, especially protected, if needed, through the possibility to work from home. 

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